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Testel's Cost Saving Solution

A number of cost savings are inherent in using Testel:

Testel manage many hundreds of sites covering large numbers of items and due to the efficiencies of scale provide a low unit rate per item.
The TES database ensures only items which are due are flagged. There is no over servicing or under servicing of equipment.
Testel staff operate more efficiently resulting in less time spent on-site. This minimises the disruption to work requirements.
A consistent and uniform service is provided at each site.
Reporting provided by Testel is comprehensive and easy to follow. Your site managers will devote considerably less time and effort toward managing their systems.

The design and inherent features of TES and the Testel system provide the best possible service, good value and real control over monitoring and maintaining costs.

In summary, Testel ensure that there is no over servicing or under servicing of equipment and provide cost effective compliance assurance.

The Cost of Non-Compliance

When Accidents Occur Due to Non-Compliance:

Work is suspended because of a prohibition or improvement notice
Full wages to employees must still be paid during any safety investigation
Profits are lost for the period of suspension of work activities
Fines can be imposed for breaches of the Act
Insurance claims may be revoked

Direct Costs

Increase in levy
The wages of injured workers

Indirect Costs

Time lost by employees who stop work to assist an injured person
Time lost by management in assisting, investigating, reporting, etc
Full wages to injured worker on their return until full productivity;
Replacement worker costs;
Loss of productivity whilst the replacement develops their skills;
Continuing overheads on the injured worker's reduced productivity;
Repair of equipment;
Rental of replacement equipment;
Loss of profit;
Fines imposed under legislation;
Legal representation and witness fees;
Settlements made with injured workers or their families.
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