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Benefits of Compliance

Meeting Your Obligations

Business owners and persons in control of workplaces throughout Australia have a common duty of care under health and safety laws to provide safe places of work for their employees. This includes:

maintaining electrical plants in a safe condition; and
ensuring the safe and effective functioning of emergency evacuation lighting systems.

Good Practice

In being proactive regarding the health and safety of staff, an employer displays a caring quality, which enhances the market-place position of the company. Employers are therefore seen by their employees to be interested and genuinely concerned for their welfare.

To achieve quality assurance certification, candidates are required to comply with the local health and safety legislation.
Tender specifications call for compliance to health and safety legislation.
Whilst test engineers are busy completing the testing tasks, other site staff witness the process and this enhances the overall awareness of the health and safety aspect of the site.
The ability to forecast testing quantities and forecast budgets.
Culpability for health and safety rests with senior management. Health and safety tasks can be delegated however, the responsibility cannot.
Routine inspection and testing provides a preventative approach toward the maintenance of equipment.
Routine inspection and testing helps to track items as they migrate and highlights items that are unavailable.
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